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Muffins are delectable bakery treats that are considered by fans to be Derpy Hooves’ favourite food.

She is heavily associated with them to the point where the official show and merchandising makes references to her link with them. On the show they are sold at Sugarcube Corner, but Derpy is sometimes portrayed in fan works cooking them herself.


Derpy’s association with muffins originates from the third episode of season 1 ‘Applebuck Season’, where Derpy was one of many background characters eyeing a plate of freshly baked muffins even saying ‘mmm….muffins’. From that point on fans considered it to be her favourite food.

Some fans debate that she might not have actually said that since she was talking with 3 other ponies at the same time, others debate there may have been other ponies that liked muffins even more than she did since some were drooling at the sight of them. Despite of this Derpy’s love of muffins stuck.

Referances in CanonEdit

Since the staff loves to give shout-outs to their fans, many references to Derpy’s love of muffins have been made on the show although it has not been officially stated to be her favourite food.

In the seriesEdit

In the nineteenth episode of season two ‘Putting Your Hoof Down’, she is seen in the background carrying a saddlebag with a emblem of a muffin on it.

In the Equastria Girls movie, a human version of Derpy is seen dancing in the credits holding a muffin.

In the merchandiseEdit

A 2012 Comic-Con convention exclusive brushable toy of Derpy hooves exists and its box is printed with decorative muffins.

Her Trading Car lists her interest as ‘muffins and more muffins’.


Derpy is portrayed to have a love of muffins by the fans.

Usually this is often done for the purposes of humour, for example sometimes is often portrayed to have an unhealthy obsession with them. She also might be portrayed as unable to cook them accidently burning them instead; however other fan works portray her as being able to cook them perfectly.

Epic Muffin TimeEdit

In this video Derpy goes to Sugarcube corner to buy a muffin for breakfast, after hearing they ran out she goes on a berserk rampage shooting lasers from her eyes. She calms down after Mr. Cake gives a misplaced muffin and happily eats it.

Real LifeEdit

Muffins are baked goods similar to quick bread or cupcakes minus the icing. They are usually wrapped in a cup-shaped paper wrapper covering the lower half. Some are often baked with ingredients for flavouring such as chocolate chip, blueberries or almond.

The term ‘muffin’ usually refers to the American style of cooking them, a variant style of cooking them originating in England is usually referred to as ‘English Muffins’. Derpy Hooves is usually associated with the American Muffins rather than the English muffins.

It is usually considered a snack food rather than a proper meal but may be eaten for breakfast.